10 Must-Know Commercial Garage Door Terms

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A commercial garage door is used way more than a residential garage door, which makes them more prone to problems. A broken or stuck commercial garage door is likely to affect your business and may cause serious injuries to you or your employees, especially if you delay the repair. OGD® Overhead Garage Door is available round the clock for your garage door repairs in Dallas, TX. In this blog post, we give you a deeper knowledge of commercial garage doors, by sharing a glossary of ten terms you need to know. Take look.

1. Back Hangs

Back hangs are a part of the garage door that vertically supports the horizontal track. The back hangs are carefully cross-braced to prevent any lateral movement and track spread, avoiding a sudden breakdown to the garage door.

2. Cable Safety Device

A cable safety device is a system of safety bottom fixtures, specifically designed to prevent the door from falling in the event of cable breakage. The device holds the door hanging if the cable breaks due to any reason.

3. Center Lift Cable

A center lift cable is an additional cable assembly, secured to the outside of the door at points toward the center of the door. The cable provides extra lifting support, especially to extremely wide or heavy commercial garage doors.

4. Cycle

One complete cycle of a garage door begins with the door in a closed position and the door is then moved to the open position. Another cycle will start when the garage door comes back to the closed position again.

5. Duplex Spring

A torsion spring counterbalance system consists of one or two tightly wound up springs on a steel shaft with cable drums at both ends. A combination of two torsion springs is called a duplex spring.

6. Extension Springs

Extension Springs also known as stretch springs, are counterbalance springs that offer to lift force by stretching. Extension springs are mounted to each of the rear track hangers and are attached to a pulley at the other end of the spring.

7. Headroom

Headroom is a measurement from the top of the door in its open position, to the lowest building obstruction on the inside of the header wall. The headroom is used for vertical clearance all the way back to the end of the horizontal track.

8. Jamb

A garage door jamb is an upright framing, which runs from the ground to the underside of the header at each side of the opening. In some designs, a piece of finish lumber or trim attaches across the underside of the header.

9. Mounting Plates

Mounting Plates are usually flat steel or wood members placed on the wall to accommodate spring support, spring shaft bearings, chain hoists and mountings for operators.

10. Safety Spring Containment

Safety spring containment is an extra cable used with extension springs to prevent pieces of the spring from causing damage or injury if the spring breaks. The containment cable is threaded through the center of the extension spring and is secured on both ends of the horizontal track.

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