Loading Dock Equipment

Loading Dock Equipment

Loading Dock Equipment from OGD® Overhead Garage Door

With over 50 years as the premier dock equipment provider, Blue Giant has earned a worldwide customer base and holds a solid place at the top of the industry. OGD® Overhead Garage Door is a proud re-seller of Blue Giant Loading Dock Equipment, and continues to be dedicated to providing installation, maintenance, and service of their equipment to the many commercial businesses in the North Texas region. Commercial loading dock equipment from Blue Giant provides safe, effective, and high-tech solutions to a broad range of industries. From industrial fans to dock levelers, seals, and shelters, OGD® Overhead Garage Door has a solution to your specific loading dock equipment needs.

Blue Giant Dock Levelers

Pit Style

Air Cylinder Dock LevelerU-Series Air Cylinder Dock Leveler Features

  • Tankless and oil-free air compressor
  • Air-powered lip cylinder with independent lip control
  • Air-powered lifting cylinder for safe and efficient deck deployment
  • Fixed rear hinge allows the deck flex up to 4” under load

U-Series Air Powered Dock Leveler

  • Blower motor that activates the leveler by delivering air on demand
  • Heavy-duty air bags that are damage-resistant and provide reliable performance
  • Aircraft Cables raise the deck by pulling on the roller arm
  • Roller arm raises the deck upon activation by the aircraft cables
  • Lip Deployment mechanism provides smooth lip deployment
  • Fixed rear hinges allows the deck flex up to 4” under load (optional assured motion float for a maintained 4” deck tilt

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Dock LevelerA-Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

  • Continuous-duty rated hydraulic system with high-flow efficient 1 HP motor
  • Comes with wall-mounted single push-button control (model SP1) for sequenced deck and lip operation
  • Rugged hydraulic deck and lip cylinders increase operating efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements. (Two liftcylinders for 60-80,000 lb capacities)
  • Velocity fuse fall safe limits free fall to within 4″ (102 mm)
  • Complies with ANSI MH30.1 standard

U-Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

  • Minimum of 6 U-beams channel deck supports
  • deck flex up to 4” (101mm) when under load
  • Yieldable lip safely collapses if struck while extended
  • A hydraulic velocity fuse that limits the loaded ramp’s free fall to within 3“ (76mm)
  • Full operating range metal toe guards painted safety yellow as specified by ANSI Z535.1
  • Stationary side toe guards with high visibility OSHA safety striping
  • A maintenance strut that supports the deck and lip and facilitates under- deck maintenance and inspection

Mechanical Dock LevelerA-Series Mechanical Dock Leveler

  • Heavy-duty main lift springs with lifetime warranty
  • Dependable friction-type hold down system that reduces cross traffic bounce and provides instant hold at any point in the full operating range
  • Patented lip actuator. As deck rises, the lip smoothly deploys to the locked position and releases automatically when truck departs
  • Yieldable lip safely collapses if struck while in extended position
  • Mechanical fall safe prevents platform free fall

U-Series Mechanical Dock Leveler

  • Minimum of 6 U-beams channel deck supports
  • deck flex up to 4” (101mm) when under load
  • Maintenance strut supports both deck and lip for safe under-deck maintenance and inspections
  • Yieldable lip safely collapses if struck while extended
  • Hold-down assembly matches dock movement with trailer suspension
  • Heavy-duty springs have a lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic soft-pull chain requires only 3lbs (1.4 kg) of force to deploy the deck
  • Mechanical fall-safe legs limit platform free-fall

Additional Loading Dock Equipment

Blue Giant Edge of Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Edge of DockHydraulic Edge-of-Dock Leveler

  • Deck and lip operation provided by dual hydraulic maintenance free cylinders
  • Smooth top plate transition
  • Grease fittings to minimize operational friction
  • Optional grip handle for use as maintenance stand
  • Rugged remote mount single push button NEMA 4 control, for ease of use.
  • Cylinders and motor pre-fitted to edge-of-dock assembly
  • 1 HP motor
  • Lifting hole in lip allows for quick and easy handling by installer

Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler

  • Deck and lip operation assisted by balanced spring lifting system
  • Smooth top plate transition
  • Comfort grip operating handle
  • Grease fittings on 30,000 lb capacities to minimize operational friction
  • Field adjustability for kicker bar and spring tension
  • Lifting hole in lip allows for quick and easy handling by installer

Dock Seals and Shelters

Sealsand Shelters
Compression Seal

  • Fixed Dock Seal – Foam-filled head and side pads that provide the most efficient and effective seal and are an economical compression seal door options for sizes up to 8’ x 8’ to 9’ x 9’
  • Curtain Dock Seal – The curtain style head member and foam-filled side pads provide an effective seal and are optimal solutions for door sizes up to 8’ x 9’ to 9’ x 10’
  • Adjustable Dock Seal – The adjustable head pad dock seal is a highly effective solution for higher door openings up to 8’ x 10’ to 9’ x 10’ that suit a wide range of truck and trailer heights
  • Full Access Dock Seal – The full access dock seal doors are designed for openings up to 10’ x 10’ and has an adjustable head curtain and forms a tight, energy efficient seal when trucks back through the vertical pads

Inflatable ShelterStationary Inflatable

  • Adjustable Inflatable shelters fit door openings up to 8’ x 10’ that has vertical air bags that tightens the seal by increasing the contact around the trailer to secure and protect products
  • Stationary Inflatable shelters are designed to fit door openings up to 10’ x 10’ and allows full access to the trailer interior
  • Air Frame Inflatable shelters allow full access to a trailer interior and are designed to fit door openings up to 10’ x 10’

Rain ShroudRainshroud

  • Dual-density foam with 99% memory
  • Wide storage curtain
  • Double-stitching on all seams
  • Two galvanized side support mounting brackets
  • Large selection of durable fabrics to choose from

Retractable Dock ShelterRetractable Dock Shelter

  • Galvanized steel framing
  • Bottom draft pads
  • Double-stitching on all seams
  • “I” beams with wedge anchors
  • Wide range of durable fabrics to choose from

Stationary Shelter

  • The wood head and side frames are constructed from high-grade pressure-treated lumber that resists rot and erosion
  • Translucent polyethylene sheeting with UV inhibitors allows light into loading dock area
  • Stiffeners in head and side curtains maintain constant contact with the trailer
  • Foam-filled edge creates complete seal
  • 24″ (610mm) yellow guide stripes ensure accurate trailer placement
  • A wide range of durable fabrics is available to suit all application requirements

AirEco Commercial Fans

The AirEco, with its compact and portable design, is a natural solution for all settings that require a small fan that still needs to be powerful. The AirEco can be used in many settings such as commercial spaces (indoor and outdoor), industrial buildings, farms, fitness centers, schools and more; they offer impressive features as well including:

  • 6-blade Hybrid hub
  • Year-round operational use
  • Forward and reverse settings standard