Garage Door Springs

It often happens when you least expect it. A sudden bang reverberates through your garage like a car crash, but there’s no obvious source for the noise. You attempt to open your garage door, but it won’t budge. That’s when you see the problem. A torsion spring has just snapped, releasing a tremendous amount of pressure in one startling bang. But what do those seemingly innocuous little springs do? More importantly, what can you do to fix it? OGD® Overhead Garage Door has the answers!

Dependable Garage Door Spring Repair

Depending on their design, garage doors use one of two types of spring. Garage door extension springs are more often found on older doors or in garages with little headroom. Garage door torsion springs have become the popular choice in recent years because they offer several advantages over extension springs. Torsion springs are sturdier than extension springs, resulting in smoother operatiom, and less risk in the event of a break. However, because both styles act to counter the garage door’s weight, both spring types are placed under a tremendous amount of stress. The steel can fatigue over time, eventually leading to a failure that could render a garage door inoperable.

Professional Garage Door Springs and Spring Parts Service

When a spring failure occurs, it may be tempting to try and fix the problem yourself. However, there are several things to consider before attempting to tackle a garage door spring repair. Because the springs are under significant pressure, they can be very dangerous if not fixed properly. Additionally, it may be quite difficult or expensive to find the proper replacement parts. For these reasons, it’s highly recommended that you have your broken or worn garage door springs repaired by a professional. Our certified technicians have the tools and training to safely and reliably fix broken springs or any other garage door problems, and our vast inventory means we’ll always have just the part you need.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

A broken spring can be extremely inconvenient, making it very difficult to open your garage door. To make things worse, it seems that spring failures often happen at the worst possible time. We understand how frustrating this situation can be, and that’s why we’re committed to working quickly to resolve any problems you may have with your garage door. Our staff is here around the clock to answer any questions and provide quotes on our garage door spring repair costs. With no hidden fees, you can expect an accurate quote detailing each expense. 

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Our top-notch technicians are fully trained and certified to handle all makes and models of garage doors and garage door springs, and they’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. If you have a problem with your garage door or garage door springs, give us a call any time of day or night. We’ll be there as quickly as possible to get your garage door back to perfect working order.