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MAIN OFFICE: 2900 Cullen St. Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Telephone: (844) 964-0600

What our customers say:
"Overhead Garage Door was Professional and had friendly technicians! They had communicated and followed up during every aspect of the process. I would definitely recommend OGD® Overhead Garage Door to anyone about to go through an extensive design-build process."
Michael Quint

"Overhead Garage Door was prompt in keeping the appointment, efficient in their work and professional when they worked on my garage door. The garage door was broken and the technician couldn’t have been nicer or quicker in getting the door repaired. I don’t know when I’ve had such good service from anyone! To add to that already wonderful service, I then received a follow-up from the owner asking me about my experience and to make sure my door was working well. I highly recommend OGD® Overhead Garage Door for all of your garage door needs."

Marlon Knight