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Veteran Owned Small Business - NO affiliation with Overhead Door Corporation

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residential full view doors

For a truly modern home design, the residential full view garage doors are the perfect choice for a dramatic statement. The contemporary aluminum and glass full view doors from Clopay and C.H.I. blends the industrial

outdoor garage door

When the time comes to replacing a worn out garage door for any residential property, Overhead Garage Door, LLC has the classic door options that can suit nearly any home. We offer residential garage doors

home garage door

When a home has a unique design with a personal touch of character, every aspect of the home must match to convey the entire look of the property. When the garage door takes up nearly

garage door samples

As one of the most popular choices for hardwood doors, cedar garage doors add true elegance to any home. With their natural beauty and being able to maintain quality, cedar doors resist moisture and mold

accents woodtones garage door

To add the complete wood look to a traditional residential garage door, accent planks are the answer. When homeowners want the cedar or custom wood garage door look without the price, Overhead Garage Door, LLC

garage door samples

Who said garage doors can’t be a style statement? Authentic custom wood garage doors are a fantastic way to add an elegant and uniquely personal touch to your garage, and no one does it better

c.h.i. carriage house overlay

As a homeowner you understand that each feature of your home adds to the overall value of your property. Each feature comes with many different options to choose, including your garage door. A home’s overhead

clopay grooved panel steel

Residential Custom Garage Door Installation   Are you tired of dealing with a stubborn garage door that squeaks and shutters every time it’s opened? Do you need a new door to pair with a brand

garage door samples

The garage door is often the largest and heaviest moving object in your home, and repeated opening and closing puts a significant strain on the hardware involved in operating it. While garage doors are a

ribbed steel pan & pan-insulated garage doors

The Clopay and C.H.I. commercial garage doors offer solutions that provide impressive performance and solid reliability that caters to a large variety of commercial industries. Available in both insulated and non-insulated models, the pan-constructed overhead

garage door samples

When your business has a specific architectural look and design or even requires durable entry ways that allow a full visibility from the inside and out, the Full View Commercial Garage Doors are the perfect

cornell counter shutter

Offering essential security, as well as a low-maintenance feature for today’s businesses, commercial garage doors from Overhead Garage Door LLC ensure a professional exterior while performing flawlessly hundreds of times a year, each business day.

overhead garage door

When speed and performance come together in the commercial door industry, Horman and Dynaco Doors, brought to you by Overhead Garage Door, LLC, are the overhead door manufacturers that provide high speed commercial door solutions

custom garage door installation

Are you in the market for a brand new commercial garage door? Do you have old, outdated hardware that has to be replaced? No matter what your business needs, Overhead Garage Door, LLC can get

janus 2000 garage door

(1) Janus 2000 Thumbnail
(2) Janus 2500 Thumbnail
(3) Janus Mini Storage Thumbnail

commercial overhead doors

If your business depends in any way on overhead garage doors, you understand how important it is that they be rugged and dependable. You expect your equipment to work correctly and do the job every

emergency garage door repair

Commercial garage doors are generally so dependable that they become an afterthought, but a broken door can quickly become a serious liability for a business. A malfunctioning garage door can leave customers, tenants or employees

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audi overhead garage door fort worth
Garage Door Replacement for Audi Service Center


Audi Service Center Date Complete: Jan 2013 GC: Fort Construction – http://www.fortconstruction.com/ Number of Doors: 10 Type: Sectional with row of Full View Glass

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Capital Bar – Garage Door Installation

Capital Bar, Arlington, TX Completed: February 2013 GC: Woodcrest Number of Doors: 3 Type: Full View Sectionals

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clear channel outdoor
Clear Channel Outdoor – Arlington, TX Garage Door Replacement

Clear Channel Outdoor,  Arlington, TX Doors: 4 Type: 16′ x 14′ High Lift Sectionals with openers Completed June 2013

No matter if your Dallas-Fort Worth business is local, state-wide, or national, Overhead Garage Door, LLC has commerci >>LEARN MORE


I was having trouble with my old garage door and decided that it was finally time to get a new one. I called Overhead Garage Door after a friend recommended them to me and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Overhead Garage Door was at my house immediately and the service was very professional and thorough. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a new garage door or needs repairs done. I will definitely be using them in the future.

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William Jennings

On the morning of a weekday my garage door broke, and would not open. An OGD tech was over within the hour and got my car out immediately. They were very professional, reasonably priced, and fixed the door in no time. My door is on its way out and once it is time to replace, I will definitely give these guys my business.

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Riggs Brown

After original dissatisfaction, the management and technician teams went above and beyond to correct the issue. I never expect perfection, but after voicing my concern, the team came together and made me a 100% happy customer. I would definitely recommend them, as they will not leave you out in the cold. The customer service and professionalism shown by both the managers and technicians was superb. Thanks for taking great care of our family!

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Jonathan Casanova

Overhead Garage Door was prompt in keeping the appointment, efficient in their work and professional when they worked on my garage door. The garage door was broken and the technician couldn’t have been nicer or quicker in getting the door repaired. I don’t know when I’ve had such good service from anyone! To add to that already wonderful service, I then received a follow up from the owner asking me about my experience and to make sure my door was working well. I highly recommend Overhead Garage Door for all of your garage door needs.

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Marion Knight

I am a relatively new homeowner and one of the first items that needed to be replaced was my garage door. I had the 1950s style with 2 separate doors and a support column down the middle . I bid out the work and OGD came in the lowest by far and provided a much higher quality door. I converted my door to a single door. Their team installed the support beam to brace the house and support the structure and installed the new door in a day. I had my first issue with door this week, by operator error. They came out same day and repaired the door and installed a keypad for me. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product and the customer service provided.

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David Muckleroy
My experience with Overhead Garage Door was exceptional! They were friendly and fast! I didn’t have to wait days to hear back from them and their prices were far better than that of their competitors top article. I would highly recommend Overhead Garage Door to anyone needing assistance with their door and especially if you’re in the market for a new one!
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Bree Alexander

Accidentally backed my car into my garage door and had no choice but to replace it. Overhead Garage Door came out within two days of when I called and earlier than the time they told me initially. The service was great and I even was able to get a better looking garage door than the one I broke. Very Satisfied Customer.

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Daniel Peters

One of the large springs on our garage door broke the day before Thanksgiving, trapping our van inside the garage. We have a daughter in a wheelchair and had lots of errands to run before Thanksgiving, so we really needed our van. We called Overhead Garage Door and they told us approximately when they would arrive. They not only replaced the broken spring, they replaced the other spring, all of the rollers and most of the hinges. They also replaced several rollers and hinges on the second garage door. The technician, Micah, and his brother could not have been nicer. The garage doors have never worked as well or been this quiet. I highly recommend Overhead Garage Door to anyone in need of new garage doors, or repairs to existing doors. A first class business.

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Jean Patterson

Founded in 2011, Overhead Garage Door, LLC is a rapidly-growing garage door repair and installation company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. We serve both commercial and residential markets, and believe in the value of hard work and craftsmanship. We are fully licensed and insured and offer a broad selection of products to suit our customer's needs. As a family-owned and operated business, we put unbeatable customer service above all. This belief has allowed us to routinely expand into new markets and locations as we improve quality control and customer satisfaction.