5 Reasons Your Garage Door May Not Work

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A faulty garage door can disrupt day-to-day activities, and delaying the repair only worsens the damage. Besides being an inconvenience, a malfunctioning garage door can also be a safety hazard. To make matters worse, a garage door has so many components that it can be difficult for you to figure out the root cause of the malfunction. That’s where we step in. The experienced garage door service professionals at OGD® Overhead Garage Door specialize in emergency garage door repairs, serving customers in Allen and nearby areas. To address some of your doubts, we list five possible reasons why your garage door may not work.

1. Faulty Transmitters

Sometimes, due to some issues, your transmitter may not work properly. One of the most common problems is you are out of the range of the garage door. If after coming closer the garage door does not open, check if the transmitter is stuck under something. Inspect the transmitter thoroughly and call a professional if the problem persists.

2. Dead Transmitter Batteries

Your garage door needs signals from your transmitter to operate. If the batteries of the transmitter are dead, it will not be able to send the signals to the garage door. You can simply replace the batteries and use the transmitter again. If the problem still persists after changing the batteries, contact a professional.

3. Out of Alignment Photo Eye

Make sure you have installed a garage door manufactured after 1993, which has a photo eye alignment. The alignment transmits an invisible beam to make sure if there is anything blocking the path of the garage door – which is a safety measure to prevent the garage door from closing automatically on the top of anything. If the garage door closes even after an obstruction in its path, hire a professional to check the photo eye alignment.

4. Obstruction in the Path of the Door

There can be situations where an object is blocking the door path. Due to the reversing mechanism, your garage door wouldn’t close if there is something blocking the path. Inspect the area thoroughly, if after clearing the path your garage door doesn’t work, there are chances you need the help of a professional.

5. Unaligned Track

Your garage door needs a properly aligned track to run properly. If the garage door track is out of alignment, the garage door will not move. If you hear a rubbing noise while the garage door moves, chances are the garage door track is out of alignment. The smart thing to do in such a case is to hire a garage door repair professional in Allen.

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