High Speed Doors

When speed and performance come together in the commercial door industry, Horman and Dynaco Doors, brought to you by OGD® Overhead Garage Door, are the overhead door manufacturers that provide high speed commercial door solutions for businesses to meet their specific challenges and needs. Whether it’s an interior closure that requires a door respond quickly for opening and closing in high traffic areas or an exterior opening that must rapidly open and close to keep up with fast pace loading and unloading, Horman and Dynaco have a high speed door to fit any fast moving, high performance commercial environment. At OGD® Overhead Garage Door, we can match your specific industrial and business needs with one or many of the interior and exterior commercial high speed doors from Dynaco or Horman.

Horman Speed Commander 1200 Dock-Master / Screen MasterHormann Speed Commander


  • Application / Size
    • Interior applications – up to 14’0″ wide x 14’0″ high.
    • Exterior applications – up to 10’0″ wide x 10’0″ high.
    • With insect screen material – up to 14’0″ wide x 14’0″ high.
  • Panel
    • Interior door openings: 58 oz. / sq. yard reinforced PVC
    • Exterior door openings: High-impact, tear-resistant material
  • Vision
    • Optional – Full-width x 35″ high, clear PVC, starting at approximately 52″ from the floor
  • Operating Speed
    • Opening – 14″ per second
    • Closing – 14″ per second
  • Guide Tracks
    • Galvanized steel
  • Direct-Drive Motor
    • Standard – Compact, self-monitoring direct-drive motor has a patented built-in catch system and is maintenance free
  • Control Box
    • Standard – Basic non-timer, 110 v / 1 phase / 60 Hz
    • Optional – Automatic closing


Horman Speed Guardian 4000speed_doors


  • Application / Size
    • Suitable for exterior or interior applications up to 22’0″ wide x 20’0″ high
    • Full-view option available for doorways up to 16’0″ wide x 16’0″ high
  • Operating Speed
    • Opening: Up to 80″ per second
    • Closing: 18″ per second
  • Panel
    • 1-5/8″ thick x 10″ high panel sections are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel with a urethane foam core and have an R-value of 13.6. Section joints with intermediate seals create a pinch resistant panel
  • Vision
    • Optional windows are 7″ high acrylic, doublepane, with vertical reinforcement and black window frames
  • Guide Tracks
    • Guide tracks are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel and have an enclosed chain and integral light grid
  • Direct-Drive Motor
    • Compact, self-monitoring direct-drive motor has a patented built-in catch system and is maintenance free


Horman Rubber DoorsHormann Rubber Doors


  • Application / Size Range
    • Interior or exterior applications
    • Up to 40’0″ plus wide x 30’0″ high
  • Operating Speed
    • 4600 RE: Up to 12″ per second up and 12″ per second down
    • 4600 RS and 4600 RD: Up to 36″ per second up and 14″ per second down
  • Panel
    • 1/4″ thick SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber), 1 ply with double layer of polyester reinforcement
  • Vision
    • Optional – Two each 10″ wide x 18″ high clear PVC windows
  • Guide Tracks
    • Standard-Heavy-duty, structural steel, low-profile, 4″ wide. Tracks contain smooth windlock edge, eliminating the need for breakaway tabs
    • Optional – Stainless steel
  • Motor
    • 4600 RE – Industrial GHC Series, spring-assisted
    • 4600 RS – GFA direct-drive
    • 4600 RD – GFA direct-drive with soft start and soft stop


Dynaco Interior/Exterior Flexible DoorsDynaco High Speed Fabric Door


Fabric Door Product Features


  • Application / Size Range
    • Interior flexible doors up to 12 feet wide
    • Interior/Exterieor flexible doors up to 18 feet wide
    • Interior/Exterieor flexible doors over 18 feet wide
  • Safety
    • True soft bottom edges, with no weights or rigid parts, so they can’t hurt anything or anyone
  • Sealing
    • Custom designed for your operation and your application. The doors are built for indoor or outdoor use, or both. They are designed with a unique side-guide technology that gives them an extremely tight seal against wind, rain and contaminants
  • Speed
    • Up and down speed of 18 feet per second, depending on the door size and function
  • Windload
    • can withstand winds of up to 141 miles per hour, depending on door size and application