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For many years, OGD®Overhead Garage Door has been servicing garage door repair and replacement service needs. A military-owned and operated business, we work 24/7 to ensure our services, products, and people far exceed any expectations. As a leader in the garage door service industry, OGD® has had the privilege to work on a variety of projects such as: garage door maintenance, extension/torsion spring repair & replacement, garage door installations, and custom garage door design and installation

Our partners at San Antonio OGD® are expertly trained, experienced and able to complete any project in a timely manner from general repairs to the most complex garage door installations. Partnering with the top independent business partners in San Antonio, we are able to provide the quickest, most efficient residential and commercial garage door repair services in San Antonio, Texas

From routine maintenance to inconvenient garage door repairs, OGD® Overhead Garage Door has the partners needed to service all your San Antonio garage door repair, replacement, and replacement needs. Contact our garage door specialists 24/7  to get answers, browse products, and get quotes for your garage door repair, replacement, and installation services in San Antonio, TX.

From garage door spring repair, routine maintenance, to garage door replacement, we have all of your garage door services and repair needs covered.

Contact our San Antonio specialists 24/7 for the best garage door sales, installation, parts, service, and maintenance.

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Contact our Fort Worth specialists 24/7 for the best garage door sales, installation, parts, service, and maintenance.
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If you’ve been searching for “garage door companies near me” for your overhead door repair, replacement or service in Bexar County, look no further than OGD®.

We offer:
  • Expertly trained garage door specialists
  • 24/7 emergency garage door repair
  • Residential garage door repair and replacement
  • Commercial overhead door repair and replacement

Garage Door Spring Repair San Antonio, TX


Garage door springs are one of the most important components in your garage door system. As the garage door opens and closes the garage door springs absorb the weight of the heavy garage door, allowing the garage door opener to operate properly. As the garage door springs begin to wear out over time you may find your garage door not operating as well as it once did. Some of the symptoms you may begin to recognize with worn-out garage door springs include:

  • Garage door is noisier than usual
  • Garage door is stuck
  • Garage door won’t open
  • Garage door won’t close
  • Garage door is crooked
  • Garage door is moving slow

It's important to reach out to your local garage door company, OGD® as soon as these symptoms arise as worn out  and broken garage door springs out strain on the rest of your garage door operating system and can cause further damage to your unit.

Although garage door springs don't seem complicated it's important to have an experience garage door special repair or replace your garage door springs. Torsion and extension springs operate under immense pressure, repairing broken garage door springs without the proper training puts you and your property at risk of injury and further damage.

OGD® has the experience and training necessary to repair, replace and resolve any garage door spring issue in a safe and timely manner. From extension springs to torsion springs, OGD® has what it takes to get your garage door operating properly in no time.

*Warning* Attempting to change or repair your own garage door springs is extremely dangerous and should be handled by trained garage door experts. According to DASMA (Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association), your garage door springs are one of the most important yet most dangerous parts of your door. Due to the high risk of injury, it is recommended to leave garage door spring repair to a trained door specialist.

San Antonio Garage Door Service

OGD® Overhead Garage Door offers a full range of garage door services in San Antonio. The garage door specialist at OGD® provides communities in and around San Antonio with residential and commercial garage door repair, replacement, and installation services.

The garage door specialists at OGD® have the experience to resolve any garage door issue with precision. With our dedication to excellence, OGD® has become the trusted source for residential and commercial garage door spring repair, overhead door repair, 24-hour emergency repair, garage door and opener installation, overhead door maintenance, and custom garage door services in San Antonio. 

San Antonio Garage Door Repair

There is a variety of reasons why your garage door may need a repair. From typical wear and tear to those crazy Texas storms, OGD® is there for any San Antonio garage door repair.

Our dedication to excellence in everything we do means working with only the top garage door technicians in San Antonio. OGD® garage door specialists have the training and experience necessary to provide the most reliable overhead door repairs, garage door opener repairs, garage door spring repairs, and much more. No need to stress if your garage door is no longer operating properly. OGD® is there, often on the same day, to take care of any garage door repairs needed.

24-Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair San Antonio

Being committed to providing San Antonio with the most reliable garage door services means being there when our clients need us most. Day, night, on weekends, or on holidays, OGD® garage door specialists are there to provide emergency garage door repair to communities in and around San Antonio.

Garage Door Opener Installation San Antonio, TX

Garage doors are often the main entryway for residential and commercial properties. As such it is important to have a garage door opener that works properly and best fits your lifestyle. As newer and more efficient garage door openers are coming out we are finding many home and business owners are opting to swapping out their outdated garage door openers for new smart home garage door openers.

With a variety of options, it is important to weigh your options and decide which garage door opener with best fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget. OGD® is here to provide a free consultation to discuss the different options and provide the right garage door opener for you.

Garage Door Installation San Antonio

Garage door installations are big projects and are best left to trained professionals. OGD® has been working on a variety of commercial and residential garage door installation projects for many years. With our experience, there is no garage door installation project we aren't willing to take on.

Our dedication to excellence means providing San Antonio, Texas with the most reliable and dependable garage door installation services around. To do so we provide industry-leading response times, top quality brands, and a vast selection of products and services.

Working with OGD® gives you the confidence to know your garage door installation with being done quickly, but most importantly stress-free as we ensure your project will be done right on the first visit.

Call OGD® OVERHEAD GARAGE DOOR - For All Your Garage Door Needs!
Call OGD™ OVERHEAD GARAGE DOOR - For All Your Garage Door Needs!

Overhead Door Services San Antonio, TX

OGD® Overhead Garage Door is the one-stop shop for overhead door services in San Antonio and surrounding areas. With our proven ability to provide the best overhead door services around, OGD™ has become the trusted choice.

Over the years we have worked on many overhead door projects, this has allowed us to develop the experience and skills necessary to work on sectional garage doors, roll-up garage doors, steel raised panel doors, carriage house doors, cedar doors, aluminum full view doors, commercial roll-up doors and many more.

Overhead Door Installation

Overhead door installation on new garage doors not only changes the appearance of a building but also significantly increases the value if it is done properly. To ensure this investment is done well, it is best to reach out to your local garage door specialist at OGD® to get the job done right.

Working with the garage door specialist at OGD® for your overhead garage door installation project provides the resources needed to find the best solution for your home or business to ensure your investment is being put to good use. OGD® will be there from the time you call to the completion of the project to ensure your expectations are met. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

*Warning* Overhead door installation is not recommended as a DIY project. Due to the high risk of injury, it is important to reach out to your local San Antionio garage door specialist for installation.

Overhead Door Repair and Replacement

Overhead door repairs and replacements are inevitable at some point during the lifespan of your overhead door. Texas elements take a beating on the the system, dust,  wind storms, and the glaring sun may date your door quicker than normal.

When you are finding yourself with a carriage house door that isn't tracking properly or a steel raised panel door that has been damaged by a storm, no need to stress. OGD® has the experience necessary to provide San Antonio residential and commercial property owners with the best overhead door repair and replacements.

We've discovered many of our clients have a hard time deciding what is best; a garage door repair or a garage door replacement. It's important to work with a garage door specialist to weigh the options to discover what the best solution is for you.

San Antionos' best overhead door company can only do so much to keep a severely damaged or outdated door running properly. It is important to recognize the signs that is it time to replace your overhead doors. Some of these signs include:

  • Slowed or delayed open or close response
  • Increased noise level
  • Repeat Breakdowns
  • Aged Design

If you are currently experiencing these or any other issue with your overhead door, then it is time to reach out to a garage door specialist for an overhead door repair or replacement.

Call OGD® Today For All Your Overhead Door Service Needs!
Call OGD™ OVERHEAD GARAGE DOOR - For All Your Garage Door Needs!

New Garage Doors San Antonio, TX

New garage doors can greatly impact the look and feel of a home or business. The garage door specialists at OGD® Overhead Garage Door are happy to help bring your vision to life.

As one of the most trusted and dependable garage door companies in San Antonio we have worked hard to ensure we provide only the top brands and services available. Working with companies like Amarr Garage Doors, C.H.I. Overhead Doors, Clopay, Cornell, and many others have allowed us to do just that.  OGD® is excited to work with you to ensure your expectations for your new garage door are far exceeded. Reach out today for a free consultation.

Premium Garage Door Brands We Offer:

  • Amarr Garage Doors
  • C.H.I. Overhead Doors
  • Clopay
  • Cornell

Custom Garage Doors Fort Worth, TX

When traditional doors don't meet the look or needs of your commercial or residential property reach out to OGD® to design custom garage doors that will.  For years, OGD® has been working with many residential and commercial property owners to design custom garage doors to fit their needs. Work with a garage door specialist at OGD® to make decisions on your custom garage door for features such as:

  • Dimensions
  • Materials
  • Decorative pieces
  • Glass placement
  • Paint, stain, or coating

Compliment your home or business structure by designing a custom garage door with OGD®.

From conception and design to installation, OGD® is there to discover the perfect garage door solution for your residential or commercial property.

Proudly serving San Antonio and surrounding areas!