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To meet specific fire codes in the commercial industry, fire-rated service doors offer superior protection and safety. Overhead Garage Door, LLC provides Rolling Steel Fire Doors for many industry applications including manufacturing facilities, warehouses,

Fire Door

Yes, We offer Fire Doors Too

mills, parking garage structures and factories where fire safety and protection are import factors to protect the building, products, employees and customers. The Commercial Rolling Steel Fire Doors from Wayne Dalton and C.H.I. are manufactured of high-grade materials and constructed to meet the needs meet or even exceed the most demanding fire safety standards and regulations.


C.H.I. Overhead Doors – Rolling Steel Fire Doors 7000 Series

As a simple, easy-to-test and reset fire protection product, the Guardian™ Fire Doors from C.H.I. are engineered to meet the continually increasing fire protection demands of commercial property owners, local fire codes and even insurance companies. The rolling steel fire doors, with the use of a chain hoist operation, feature a reliable, safe procedure for regular drop testing with a U.L. label rated protection from 3/4-hour to 4-hour protection. They offer different motor operation model options to enhance the already advanced Guardian Fire Door design features.

C.H.I. Rolling Steel Fire Door Features

  • Safe, simple, inexpensive, and repeatable drop testing is now made possible in any facility with the flip of a handle
  • No ladders, tools, or equipment are required to drop test and reset Guardian™ Simple Test Fire Doors
  • Installation time is greatly reduced because there is no complicated release and governor assemblies
  • Curtain gauge selection: 22, 20, and 18 gauge galvanized, high tensile steel
  • Slat Profiles: Curved, Flat
  • Operation: Manual push-up, chain hoist (standard) or motor operation
  • Colors: Pre-painted gray, white, tan, and brown or galvanized finish. Powder-coat options available.
  • Guides mount to approved masonry, steel, and sheet rock jambs
  • Hood and Locking accessory options available


Wayne Dalton Fire DoorWayne Dalton Rolling Fire Door

As the industry’s most innovative fire doors, the Wayne Dalton FireStar® 700 Series Rolling Steel Fire Doors provide practical, innovative safety and fire protection solutions. With its standar floor resettable feature, it can be drop-tested and reset at any time by facility staff members. From easy testing capabilities to smooth, quiet operation and long-lasting, reliable performance, the Wayne Dalton FireStar doors feature forward-thinking design features that outperform other industry standard fire doors.

Wayne Dalton Rolling Fire Door Specifications

Rolling Fire Door Product Features

  • Standard Max Width 36’
  • Standard Max Height 28’
  • UL or FM Rated
  • Patented planetary gear design
  • Conforms to NFPA Standard 80
  • Easy drop-test and floor resettable
  • Non-tension release

Rolling Fire Door Options & Accessories

  • Fire Door Release System
  • Horns and Strobes
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Vision FireLites
  • Lift Up, Chain Hoist, Crank or Motor Operation
  • Bottom Bar Sensing Edges
  • Optional Powder Coat Finish