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Fort Worth Garage Door Repair

Located on the northwest side of downtown Fort Worth at Cullen an University, the staff at our Fort Worth location prides itself on serving the entire area and surrounding cities.

Though many homeowners in Fort Worth keep their vehicles and other items in a garage, not everyone understands the importance of a working garage door. A garage door is made of more than 300 parts and is one of the bigger appliances in a home, though most don’t even consider it until something goes wrong. With so many parts, it can be difficult to pinpoint why your garage won’t open or close all the way, or why it will no longer respond to your remote button press. A garage door can be difficult to deal with, and it can be a safety hazard without regular maintenance.


Fort Worth Garage Door Repair Service


A family owned and operated business, Overhead Garage Door LLC offers unbeatable customer service and the industry’s most reliable and creative products. We offer the best quality services for all your garage door needs at the best rates in the area. Our owners are military veterans and TCU alumni who believe in the value of hard work and quality craftsmanship. Need proof? Take a look at our completed projects and our clients’ testimonials.


We offer the following services to our Fort Worth clients:

  • residential garage doors
  • commercial garage doors
  • garage door repair
  • garage door part replacement
  • carriage garage doors
  • custom wood garage doors
  • garage door maintenance
  • overhead garage doors
  • garage door openers
  • garage door springs

2900 Cullen St Fort Worth TX 76107

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Spring Repair and Replacement


Garage door springs help your garage door work seamlessly and are a major component of the door. Responsible for smoothness of the door and the bulk of the heavy lifting, the garage door springs can wear out frequently and may require repair or replacement. If your garage door isn’t lowering and raising as smoothly or as quickly as it used to, it may be time to replace the springs. Since the mechanism is so complicated, pick another DIY project and leave this repair to the professionals at Overhead Garage Door.


Garage Door Opener Replacement-Fort Worth TX


A good opener should last for a long time, but may malfunction and require repair or replacement. Is your garage door raising but not lowering, or is not responding at all, contact us. We can repair it. If it’s beyond repair, we’ll help you choose the best garage door opener for your setup and budget, one that will provide years of quality operation, and replace it. We only use high quality part. Included in our service is installation and programming the opener’s remote.


Fort Worth Commercial Garage Door Products


We have many products for commercial customers. Choose from aluminum full view doors, ribbed steel pan and pan insulated sectional doors, rolling steel doors–useful for security grilles, fire doors and counter shutters. Or select high speed doors, roll up doors, or overhead doors for your business. We also provide custom garage door installation and emergency repair services.


Clean, Courteous, Professional, Timely Company through and through! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Fort Worth Team at Overhead Garage Door LLC!

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