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High Speed Doors from Overhead Garage Door LCC

When speed and performance come together in the commercial door industry, Albany doors, brought to you by Overhead Garage Door, LLC, is the overhead door manufacturer that provides high speed commercial door solutions for businesses to meet their specific challenges and needs. Whether it’s an interior closure that requires a door respond quickly for opening and closing in high traffic areas or an exterior opening that must rapidly open and close to keep up with fast pace loading and unloading, Albany has a high speed door to fit any fast moving, high performance commercial environment. At Overhead Garage Door, LLC, we can match your specific industrial and business needs with one or many of the interior and exterior commercial high speed doors from Albany.

High Speed Garage DoorAlbany High Speed Doors – Interior

Albany RR200 – For retail stock rooms, logistics centers, manufacturing facilities and more

  • Self-Repairing break away
  • Custom printed door curtains
  • Soft bottom edge
  • Low profile side frames
  • Simple and safe security features

Albany RR300 – Custom configurations that can be specialized to meet specific commercial needs

  • Fabric panel configurations (windows, vision and screen options)
  • Low profile, thin slide frames
  • Self-repairing break away
  • Light curtain

Albany RR300 Chill – High speed door for temperature controlled rooms

  • Opening speed up to 130 inches/second
  • Insulated panel
  • Weather seal – double seal on top and sides
  • Safety light curtain
  • Easy to operate and troubleshoot
  • Wireless safety system
  • Low profile side frames
  • Fully padded, soft touch bottom bar

high speed doorsAlbany RR300 Freeze – Cold storage insulated freezer high speed doors

  • Opening speed up to 130 inches/second
  • Insulated panel
  • Infrared light and blower system option to prevent frost on the door
  • AirFlow System option
  • Weather seal – double seal on top and sides
  • Safety light curtain prevents injury and other damage
  • Wireless safety system
  • Low profile side frames
  • Fully padded, soft touch bottom bar

Albany RR300 Clean – High speed cleanroom doors help minimize risk without compromising quality and safety

  • ISO Class 5 and GMP Class C rating
  • Opening speed of 80 inches /second
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Compact side frames
  • Easy operation and troubleshooting
  • FDA Certified door panel
  • Contactless safety edge
  • Stainless steel bottom bar
  • Safety release system option
  • Fast, hands free operation

Albany RR300 Stainless – High speed fabric doors designed for high traffic sanitary applications

  • Opening speed of 100 inches/second
  • Stainless steel construction for sanitary design
  • EasyClean side column design
  • Fully self-repairing
  • Durable panel design
  • Easy to operate and troubleshoot
  • Wireless safety system option

Albany RapidProtect 300 and 2000 – High speed machine protection doors for safety during production processes

  • Side frames that allow easy access (self-supporting, galvanized steel-2000 model)
  • Motor cover for added protection
  • Control panel that enhances performance and flexibility
  • Increased safety features on both models
  • Window options (300 model only)
  • Floor mounting bracket options


Albany High Speed Doors – Exterior

Albany RR1000 – Tough and rugged construction with sleek, low-profile design for proven strength and performance

  • Low maintenance with fully self-repairing breakaway bottom bar
  • Able to withstand 100mph wind and pressure
  • Lifetime warranty – Two-layer SBR and high-ensile strength polyester fabric
  • All-in-one controller option for fast and flexible control (UL approved MCC VectorControl)

Albany RR3000, RR3000 Vision & RR3000 Hurricane – High speed doors perfect for commercial and high security environments

  • CarGuard Safety System for injury prevention
  • Stack-Free DiscDrive Design for smooth and quite operation
  • Easy to use and troubleshoot with MCC VectorControl
  • UltraEasy slat design with easy replacement
  • UltraLift belt design – no roller, hinges or ball bearings
  • Wireless safety system
  • Safety release system
  • Clear polycarbonate panels (RR3000 Vision model)
  • Heavy Duty metal doors designed to resist up to 188mph winds (RR3000 Hurricane model)
  • Exclusive warranty

Albany UltraFast High Speed Fabric Doors

  • Opening speed up to 60 inches/second (100 inches/second option)
  • Weather Seal – Double seal on top and sides
  • Easy to use and troubleshoot
  • Auto-reset system – fully self-resetting
  • Fully padded soft bottom bar
  • Wireless safety system
  • Safety light curtains and emergency safety system options
  • 2-Ply monofilament panel material (Rolltex and Vinyl options)
  • Standard blue panel material (additional color options may be available)
  • 17’ or 24’ square window options