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When your garage door won’t open or otherwise fails, it can be a frustrating start to the day. At Overhead Garage Door, we understand the feeling and will put our years of experience replacing garage doors in Dallas to work for you. Our knowledge and expertise in the field is unsurpassed, so whatever model garage door you have, our technicians can repair or replace it. Whether residential or commercial, we serve our Dallas customers with courtesy and high quality garage door repair and maintenance services.


Dallas Garage Door Repair and Replacement


A good garage door opener should last a long time before needing replacement, but repairs may sometimes be in order. If your garage door won’t open all the way, or not responding at all, call us to repair it. Selecting a reliable garage door service provider is essential to ensuring that your garage door repair goes smoothly and that you are no longer inconvenienced by inclement weather when merely trying to get to your car. Overhead Garage Door will dispatch a knowledgeable and dependable technician to your home or business, and your garage door will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

The staff at Overhead Garage Door location prides itself on servicing the entire Dallas area!


Contact us for residential and commercial garage door repair in Dallas – 800-471-4505


A family owned and operated business, Overhead Garage Door LLC offers unbeatable customer service and the industry’s most reliable and creative products. Our owners are military veterans and Texas college alumni who believe in the value of hard work and quality craftsmanship, and our completed projects and satisfied clientele are the proof. Recently, we’ve decided to offer our top-notch quality garage door services and installations to the entire Dallas area, including Highland Park, Preston Hollow, Lakewood, Richardson, and more!

Dallas, Overehad Garage Door Repair

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We offer the following services to Dallas clients:

  • residential garage doors
  • commercial garage doors
  • garage door repair
  • carriage garage doors
  • custom wood garage doors
  • overhead garage doors
  • garage door openers
  • garage door springs
  • garage door part replacement/maintenance


Dallas Garage Door Part Replacement


Garage door springs do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to moving the garage door smoothly. Because of the amount of use that a garage door receives, springs can wear out faster than most of the other 300 components in typical garage door, and may need more frequent repair or replacement. If your garage door is functioning slower than normal, or is not raising and lowering as smoothly as it once did, then it’s likely time to replace the door springs. Since the working mechanism of the garage door springs is more complicated than not, seek out professional help when considering replacement. At Overhead Garage Door, we stock only the highest quality replacement parts and employ experienced technicians to do the job right and well the first time.

At Overhead Garage Door, we offer many services, including garage door installation, repair, and replacement. We even program the garage door remote so you don’t have to. It’s just one more way Overhead Garage Door provides excellent customer service.